We offer many different styles of dance to cater for every individual from Mummy & Me ballet boogie (18th months +) to children's classes to adult sessions. Here are just some of whats on offer from JAM STREET SCHOOL OF DANCE.......

Lil Groovers

Lil Groovers brings the coolness to toddler classes, for boys & girls aged 2-4yrs dancing with a freestyle hip hop twist, encouraging children to be active from an early age, fit & funky at the same time


Younger girls & boys will benefit from this fun filled tap, ballet & disco (freestyle) while developing coordination, rhythm and balance using fantasy & fun songs.

Ballet Classes

Ballet is the basis for all dance. Enjoyment of movement, expression and sensitivity to music are combined with discipline in the study of ballet. Ballet is recommended for students of any other discipline.

Tap Classes

This stylised form of dance with rhythmic sound is thrilling audiences everywhere. We teach children through adults in this fun style where you can hear your progress!

Stretch & Technique/Freestyle & Theatre

The most popular of all classes! The freestyle is combined with stretch & technique to give students the range of movement & understanding of placement required for all dance styles. Students will concentrate on flexibility, strength & technique as well as kicks, turns, leaps and combinations all while having fun! The theatre aspect relates to show routines which pupils will perform to audiences at Christmas & summer.

Hip Hop/Commercial

Born of rap music, hip hop finds it's roots on the streets of New York and LA. This funky style of jazz is often seen on music videos combining breaking, locking, popping with commercial.

Tricks & Tumbling

For any who dances, likes being fluid in their movements and likes to have fun. Tricks & tumbling for dance is a class where all that is applied, combining these acrobatic skills with dance adds extra flair to individuals and routines. This class is never dull because there is always a new trick or tumble combination to learn!


A current mix of lyrical, jazz, ballet & modern dance set to the beat of the choreographers heart! A passionate, artistic way to utilise your dance training. Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques that use creative expression to tell the story of a song through movement

Fitness & Stamina

A Challenging class to improve strength, conditioning and over all fitness. Working on cardio to build stamina, body conditioning for strength and endurance, fitness is essential for all styles of dance.


An exciting style and technique using popular music. Jazz works lyrical, novelty and contemporary styles incorporating a strong workout, high kicks and a variety of turns, leaps and combinations.